New Poems in Salt Hill, Quarterly West, Salamander, and Ninth Letter

I’ve got new poems in four journals I have admired for a long time!

Most recently, I received my Salt Hill contributor copies, which contain some great work from my friend Philip Schaefer, plus two of my poems, “A Pilgrim Is a Foreigner,” and “Like Kanye Rapping About Kanye Rapping About Kanye.”


Head over to Salt Hill to pick up a copy!

Over the summer, Quarterly West published my poem, “Hot Date,” which you can read online here. The editors were also kind enough to nominate this one for a Best of the Net! It’s full of good stuff, but I really loved these poems by Emily Skaja: “My mother says, Why not date yourself for a while. / Accordingly, I listen to all seven Harry Potters. // I go for long walks in a circle & insult Scalia on facebook…” Anything that can marry Harry Potter and insulting Scalia in one poem is a win in my book.

In the spring, Ninth Letter published my five-poem series called “Uncertainty Principle” in its (impressively handsome) print issue. Here’s the fifth installment:


Salamander published my poem, “Ricochet,” in their Spring / Summer 2016 issue, and you can read some samples or order the issue here. I’m particularly fond of “Abandoned Nest,” by Angela Voras-Hills:  “The boys had left // guns in the closets. They would be back / soon for sandwiches. In the living room, / the buck’s head collected dust.”

I remain ever-grateful to the editors of these journals for their (almost always unpaid!) labor, generous attention, and support of my work and the work of other writers. Support these editors, writers, and their work! Go buy an issue! Better yet- subscribe!

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