The Journal, Puerto del Sol, Whiskey Island

I have some poems in the new issues of The Journal, Puerto del Sol, and Whiskey Island!

The Journal put out two poems, “Caveat” and “Husbandry,” in issue 40.1 this winter. They were also kind enough to nominate “Husbandry” for consideration in Best New Poets 2016, along with Catherine Pond’s poem, “Riding the Invisible Horse.” I saw Catherine read at CutBank‘s “Best of the West” AWP off-site event with LA Review and Pacifica this year, and really loved her poems and her reading style. Be sure to check out her work, along with that of my heart-and-soul friend, Alicia Mountain, who has three poems in this issue. Another Montana alum, John Coleman Bennett, is also featured! Good poems abound! You can pick up a copy here.

Puerto del Sol published two poems, “Actually I’m Going to Keep It All,” and “Maze” in  their spring issue. Such a beautiful magazine- order it here!

I also have two poems, “Fretted Note” and “G-Spot vs. Moon Landing,” in the current issue (67) of Whiskey Island. There’s a lot to love in here, but holy moley “Maternity Leave” by Lauren Yates. Just. Go read that. Also, Kat Moore’s nonfiction piece, “The Wounds,” and Theodosia Henney’s poem, “Every Girl Learns.” Buy the issue here.

I would like to conclude by noting that the covers of Whiskey Island and Puerto del Sol both feature freaky bunnies. I love freaky bunnies. How’d they know? (Also pictured: The Boss peeking through, young and bandana-ed, Rolling Stone, 1984.)


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