Poems Online

Harpur Palate: “Search History Sad” (Winner of the Milton Kessler Memorial Prize)

Raleigh Review: “Iguana Iguana” (Winner of 2019 Laux/Millar Prize.)

32 Poems: “Voice of the Woods on Fire”

Up the Staircase Quarterly: “Bigfoot Gets Nostalgic” and “Demonology”

Passages North : “All My Exes Live in This Poem” 

Hayden’s Ferry Review : “Cult of the Deer Goddess” (Reprinted on Poets.org.)

Cimarron Review : “After Hearing the Male Comic Argue That Equality for Women Means Taking a Punch” and “The Hawk”

Colorado Review: “Examination: Mothership”

Washington Square Review : “For My Twenty-Year-Old Sister on My Thirtieth Birthday”

Fairy Tale Review Online: “Bigfoot Thumbs a Ride” and “Animal Bride”

Western Humanities Review: “Marriage

Hot Metal Bridge: “Better Homes and Gardens”

Southeast Review: “Bigfoot at Siesta Beach”

The Baltimore Review: Bigfoot to Her Daughter” (Winner of The Baltimore Review‘s 2017 Summer Contest)

Four Way Review 11: “Time Sure Flies When You’re Not Living Up to Your Potential” and “Lightning Suspected in Deaths of Horses”

Diagram 17.1: “Nimbus”

Quarterly West: “Hot Date

Vinyl Poetry, Poem of the Week 2/28/16: “Fold”

Crazyhorse 87 : “Passage” (Reprinted in Verse Daily.)

Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Vol. 1 Issue 3 :  “Mechanism” and “Window”

Sixth Finch, Fall 2012 : “yes there’s just something about spring”

Sixth Finch, Summer 2011 : “Waste”

Prose Online

Mississippi Review: “Sillage” (finalist for Mississippi Review’s 2018 Nonfiction Prize)

Assay: Interview with Adrian Shirk, author of Heaven Is a Place on Earth

Assay: Interview with Kerri Arsenault, author of Mill Town: Reckoning with What Remains

Assay: Interview with Raki Kopernik, author of The Memory House

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