Inside My Electric City  (YesYes Books 2016)

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Cover Design: Alban Fisher / Cover Art: Brooke Shaden

Three Sample Poems on Alice Blue

The Marilyn Letters  (dancing girl press 2013)

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marilyn letters cover

Sample poems:

Dear Marilyn sometimes it’s nearly impossible

to believe you existed.                   That you walked

down streets & took telephone calls     & ground

out cigarettes with your shoe.                    That you left

lipstick rings       on the edges of glasses

& smoothed your stockings.       That you pulled your feet

in when they slipped out from under the warm covers

as you slept.       Dear Marilyn      once at Cape Cod

I stood at the edge of America & drew

my name               in the wet sand with my big

toe & pressed   my hands as if in wet cement.

Marilyn as you can guess              the next wave

filled     the handprints &              faded my name.

Dear Marilyn      sometimes          it’s hard to believe

that we                  ever        actually exist.


Dear Marilyn      what’s stronger

or weaker             than will?

It’s 11 p.m. & Saturday & there’s

Irish whiskey      in the cupboard.

There’s no saying              at this juncture

in time  what will               or will not

happen to it.      Dear Marilyn

almost anything is bearable

if you decide to like it:   men

with spatular toes,          beets,

the burn of booze or        jogging.


Maybe not jogging.

You know, once                                    when

I was 12                 I watched all

your films in succession

& my stepmother

came in to the living room & smiled

sadly & said Oh, sweetheart.

You want so badly to love her.

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