Chapbook Forthcoming from YesYes Books!

This post is a little late in coming due to graduation and the subsequent obligatory “what do I do I do now” panic (answer: sit by a river, don’t think about it) but I’m pleased as spiked punch to announce that my second chapbook, Inside My Electric City, was a finalist for the YesYes Books Vinyl 45 Chapbook Contest, and is going to be published sometime in 2016!  Beyond publishing beautiful texts, (have you seen their roster of crazy-good poets?) YesYes makes a damn fine physical product, and they’re great to their authors to boot.  I’m so happy that my little book has found a home with this awesome press.

As a preview, some poems from this manuscript were published last summer on alice blue review, and you can read them here.

Extended preview en route, as a few more will be published in the July issue of Phantom Limb, and issue 15 of ILK!

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